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When You buy theme - In future, if windows 10 have Update New Version, I will update theme for new windows 10 version and send it free for you.
WARNING: ALWAYS verify that one theme is appropriate for your version of Windows.

For example, you should NEVER use a theme intended for Windows 10 version 10586 on Windows 10 Creators 1709.

Note: The version you are using can be found by searching "winver" when pressing "Windows Key" + "R"
Warning: Don't use Theme and Icon of Windows 10 Version 1909 for Windows 10 Version 2004.
Please wait me a bit time, I will update theme and icon for it and send it for you.
Support: If you like my work, please consider buying a theme [Customer's benefits].
Note: Please use 7zip for extract [link].

SLAVE Theme For Windows 7

Preview Ful HD Included: -Visual Style -Slave AvePreview -Font -Universal Theme Patcher -Explorer.exe x86(and bmp) and x64 -ExplorerFrame.dl...

  • -Visual Style
  • -Slave AvePreview
  • -Font
  • -Universal Theme Patcher
  • -Explorer.exe x86(and bmp) and x64
  • -ExplorerFrame.dll x86(and bmp) and x64
  • -OobeFldr.dll x86(and bmp) and x64
  • -Shell32.dll x86(and bmp) and x64.
Visual Style for Windows 7
Compatible for both x64 & x86 system

How to install / Hướng Dẫn Cài Đặt

1. Install Universal Theme Patcher, make sure that UAC must be turned off
2. Copy and paste content of the folder 'Visual Style > Slave' (*.theme & folder) into C:WindowsResourcesThemes
3. To change the system files: use the program 'Windows Themes Installer' by kishan-bagaria kishan-bagaria.deviantart.com/…
4. Restart Windows & then select this theme in Personalize Menu
- For using this theme first you need to Patch Uxtheme.
- Copy all file in "Theme" folder to "%windir%/Resources/Themes".
- Open personalize panel and apply theme.
- Để Cài Theme Windows Cần Phải Patch Hệ Thống(chỉ win chưa patch) Patch Uxtheme.
- Copy Tất Cả File Trong Folder "Theme" Vào "%windir%/Resources/Themes".
- Mở personalize panel(chuột phải desktop chọn personalize) rồi chọn theme có tên vừa copy ở bước trên.
How to download

[drag down press Get Link]
(9.6 MB, Full HD)
(This post contains only a selection of the set, the full set is in this zip file, in their original size.) Click Skip Ad at the top right to get to the download.

GuillenDesign IconPack Installer


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FlattasDark Theme for Windows 7


Credit author: GuillenDesign

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