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When You buy theme - In future, if windows 10 have Update New Version, I will update theme for new windows 10 version and send it free for you.
WARNING: ALWAYS verify that one theme is appropriate for your version of Windows.

For example, you should NEVER use a theme intended for Windows 10 version 10586 on Windows 10 Creators 1709.

Note: The version you are using can be found by searching "winver" when pressing "Windows Key" + "R"
Warning: Don't use Theme and Icon of Windows 10 Version 1909 for Windows 10 Version 2004.
Please wait me a bit time, I will update theme and icon for it and send it for you.
Support: If you like my work, please consider buying a theme [Customer's benefits].
Note: Please use 7zip for extract [link].

After Dark Blue and Red Theme For Win10 TH2 10586 and Win10 Insider Preview RS1

Visual Style For Win10 TH2 10586 and Win10 Insider Preview RS1 Compatible for both x64 & x86 system How to install - For using this ...

Visual Style For Win10 TH2 10586 and Win10 Insider Preview RS1

Compatible for both x64 & x86 system
  • How to install
- For using this theme first you need install UltraUXThemePatcher [link]

- Copy all file in "Theme" folder to "%windir%/Resources/Themes".

- Open personalize panel and apply theme.

After Dark Blue and Red Theme For Windows10 Anniversary Update 1607 [link]

Big Update 1:
+ Add Support DPI 125%, 150%, 175% Scaling
+ Fix some bugs
+ Add 1 new version
+ Update some new icon
+ Fix some icon + Add more icon
Big Update 2:
+ Add Support 200%, 250% Scaling
+ Fix some bugs

Big Update 3:
-+Fix bug white color after sleep for theme dark
+ Fix some small bugs

Big Update 4:
* Update For Windows10 November Update (10586)
+ Fix button min/max/close for DPI 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%, 250% Scaling
+ Fix some bugs
* Update For Windows10 Insider Preview RS1
+ Add new theme After Dark Blue and Red For Windows10 Insider Preview RS1
"Please pay for Donate if you like theme"
Donate Version (No ads, No Pop-up)
After Dark Blue and Red  Theme For Windows 10 RTM
Support DPI 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%, 250Scaling
Have 16 Versions + 2 iPack Icon:
[ 8 Version  After Dark Blue + 8 Version After Dark Red ]
After Dark Blue
[ 4 Version  Hide CommanBar 4 Version Show CommanBar  ]
After Dark Blue 1 (Min/Max/Close Round)
After Dark Blue 2 (Min/Max/Close Squared)
After Dark Blue 3 (Min/Max/Close Default)
After Dark Blue 4 (Adressbar Blue, Search Blue)
After Dark Blue iPack Icon
After Dark Red
[ 4 Version  Hide CommanBar 4 Version Show CommanBar  ]
After Dark Red 1 (Min/Max/Close Round)
After Dark Red 2 (Min/Max/Close Squared)
After Dark Red 3 (Min/Max/Close Default)
After Dark Red 4 (Adressbar Red, Search Red)
After Dark Red iPack Icon
(Buy at Only 2.50 $)
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After Dark Cyan Theme For Windows10 November Update [link]

After Dark CC Theme For Windows10 November Update (10586)


Credit Author: cleodesktop


  1. Can't get the inside/middle of folders to go dark. I've followed all steps exactly, what's gone wrong?

    1. You need do all step with guide [here] (step by step) when done you will change theme

  2. Hi Cuong Pham,

    This is my first time trying out custom themes on my Windows 10. Seems to work great, thank you. But how do I change all the system icons if I purchase from you?

    1. if you buy theme. you will have file ipack icon.exe, you just double click to install

  3. Tried it serveral times with the long tut from a site here. It doesnt work and the windows version matches. But i only get bluescreens warnings with the patcher and gray/unusable screens after trying to activate the skin. Several times i have to restore my windows from the restorepoint so its quite useless. And i bought it! So much time wasted!
    And why the user have to do so much things manual? It this cousts mony why are you unable to deliver a usable installer in ONE package?? why it have to be soooo difficult that it needs a 4 pages tut for it?? Really userunfrindly but much ways to buy it. Really good job.. not!

    1. Not hard, just you need replace 3 file themeui.dll, uxtheme.dll uxinit.dll in system32 with guide here [link]

  4. Thats what i did. Thats that really long tut thhat doesnt work. I replaced that three DLL's with that coiuntains in the 64bit packege because im running 64bit windows 10

    1. I'm sure it's work 100%. What windows 10 version you're using?

  5. Im using 1511 Build 10586 like it is described here.
    And why you dont have an autoinstaller? It isnt really hard to code a litte windows app who can does your 4 pages tut. If you had something like that and it would work really fine i could image to pay much more than 2.5 for a skin that _really_ work :)

    1. I can't create an autoinstaller.
      if you still can't install theme, just you contact me on [here] I'll install theme for you via teamviewer
      I think you just need see me install onetime, you will know "How install theme" and see it's not hard