Visual Style for Windows10 April 2018 Update 1803
Theme For Windows10 October 2018 Update 1809 [link]
Compatible for both x64 & x86 system
  • How to install
- For using this theme first you need install UltraUXThemePatcher [link]

- Copy all file in "Theme" folder to "%windir%/Resources/Themes".

- Open personalize panel and apply theme.

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Hastpy Theme For Windows 10 RTM
Have 12 Versions + iPack Icon:
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Hastpy1 (Adressbar White+Min, Max, Close Round)

Hastpy1b (Text with background on Adressbar White+Min, Max, Close Round)

Hastpy2 (Adressbar White+Min, Max, Close Default)

Hastpy2b (Text with background on Adressbar White+Min, Max, Close Default)

Hastpy3 (Adressbar, Search Gray+Min, Max, Close Round)

Hastpy3b (Adressbar, Search Gray+Min, Max, Close Default)
Gray iPack Icon
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After Dark Cyan and Green Theme For Windows 10 [link]
After Dark CC Theme For Windows10

Credit Author: cleodesktop
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